Frequently Asked Questions about PanOptix® IOL

Learn more about the PanOptix® IOL, how it works and why it can give you a full range of vision after cataracts and/or presbyopia.

What is an intraocular lens (IOL)?

With intraocular simply meaning, ‘inside the eye’, an IOL is an artificial lens used to replace the natural lens of your eye. In cataract surgery, the surgeon will remove the cloudy lens affected by the cataracts and replace it with a clear IOL that should last you for the rest of your life. An IOL may also be implanted before cataracts emerge, to correct refractive errors.

What is a trifocal lens?

A trifocal lens is a type of IOL designed to improve vision at near, intermediate and far distances. This is different from monofocal or bifocal lenses, which correct vision at only one or two focal points. Because of this, trifocal lenses can be implanted to address vision problems such as presbyopia, with or without astigmatism.

What are the benefits of a PanOptix® IOL?

The PanOptix IOL is different from other IOLs, because it has been designed to provide optimal intermediate vision, on top of near and distance ranges. This is because other trifocal IOLs work best at an intermediate range of 80cm, whereas PanOptix® IOL trifocal lens is optimised for 60 cm, which has been demonstrated to be a more natural working distance based on the average person’s arm length. This can help patients perform daily intermediate tasks, like using a computer, with no glasses.

Are there other kinds of IOL available to me?

Yes, there are other types of IOL available and you should discuss the best option for you with your eye doctor.

Can the PanOptix lens be used to address presbyopia?

Yes. As the PanOptix® Lens is designed to improve vision at all distances, it can mitigate presbyopia, a common condition that makes it difficult to see up close. Addressing presbyopia provides an opportunity to reduce or even eliminate your need to wear reading glasses. Read more about presbyopia here.

Can the PanOptix® lens be used to correct astigmatism?

Yes, the PanOptix® Lens is available in a toric option to correct astigmatism. Toric lenses sharpen vision and clear the distortion caused by astigmatism. They may even help free you from glasses and contacts for distance vision. Discuss with your eye doctor whether this is the right choice for your vision goals. Read more about astigmatism here.

How does the PanOptix® IOL treat cataracts?

During cataract surgery, an eye surgeon removes the cloudy natural lens from your eye(s) and replaces it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). Once the new lens is in place, your vision should be sharper and clearer within a few weeks and the IOL should last you for the rest of your life. Read more about the benefits, risks and recovery time of cataract surgery here.